In-Person Consultation

Get to know us while we get to know your head - this is the best way to begin your experience with SMP. Join us for a haircut and hot towel shave followed by a detailed scalp assessment. After discussing your goals and options, we will draw one or more hairlines on your head for evaluation and further personalization. This appointment will provide you with everything you need to make a decision you’re proud of. 

Virtual Consultation

If you’re part of the growing clientele who travel to receive our services, or you have a busy schedule, this is for you. We’ve added a virtual alternative to make sure nothing keeps you from the experience you deserve. This convenient option is available whenever you are, and will provide the same unmatched guidance required for truly natural results.

Digital Mockup

With your consultation complete, we will create a digital representation of what you’ll look like with SMP. Our realistic imaging process will give you peace of mind by showing you what to expect; a natural result you have to see to believe. Once both parties agree on your perfect look, the Fresher Method takes over.


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Why Choose Fresher Studios?

  • Fresher Studios was created out of necessity. Founder, Jasond Regnier, began to struggle with balding in his early twenties. The self-consciousness and insecurity he experienced was in stark contrast to the success and renown he was gaining as a barber. Despite his prominent clientele, and the widespread impact he made as a barber educator for various global companies, he still lacked the confidence and self-assuredness he deserved.
  • After a search that failed to yield even one provider that shared his commitment to quality, attention to detail, and passion for the craft, Fresher SMP was born. Throughout the education and certification process, one thing became clear: The industry was built around giving people what they wanted now, in a way that would hurt them in the future. 
  • Fresher SMP and the Fresher Method solves this problem by embracing the shared goal of creating an experience that caters to anyone who sits in the chair.  A lifetime of experience, a skillset that’s second to none, and a deep, empathetic understanding of what drives a person to pursue SMP are the cornerstones that Fresher Studios was built upon
  • In a class of their own, set apart not only by quality, but by charging a flat fee, including touch ups, providing complimentary aftercare, and an industry-first 5 year warranty, Fresher Studios has drawn a line in the sand and set the bar for what SMP should be. Come see for yourself.

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