Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) is the only guaranteed balding solution on the planet. Hair loss can happen for many different reasons, including genetics, stress, illness, hormonal changes, and even aging. Scalp micro pigmentation is a permanent, non-surgical treatment that creates the appearance of a full, healthy, natural-looking head of hair. Men and women alike experience hair loss for various reasons, and Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) will recapture your confidence, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or age.


Step 1: Your Consultation

We have virtual consultations and by phone for your convenience. We will address any concerns you may have and walk you step-by-step through our process.
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Step 2: Digital Mockup

We create a digital mock-up of your new look to alleviate any unknown stress and allow you to get a visual representation of the exact hairline for the desired outcome.

Step 3: Change your life

Once we decide on the perfect look for you, we will set up your first life-changing SMP treatment! What are you waiting for?


Pierre GwodPierre Gwod
21:44 20 Sep 23
The experience was even better than I had hoped. The difference after my first SMP session was incredible. What sold me most about Jay is how genuinely invested he is in his client's results. He always aims to return their self-confidence, is extremely knowledgeable and CARES about his craft - unlike many other "artists" who do it only for the money.I'm looking forward to my next session and can't wait to see the final results. If anyone out there is looking to get some SMP done, I could not possibly recommend him more.
Ed AnassahEd Anassah
20:32 17 Aug 23
I had a great experience re: with my first consultation SMP and the overall SMP process or experience. Jay was very professional and listened to me from a client perspective. He gave me an SMP that suited my natural face shape and style preferences. He was also very friendly and attentive, making sure I was comfortable throughout the process. The establishment was clean and well-equipped, and he was courteous and helpful. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for SMPs and quality haircut. Thank you, Jay, for making me look fabulous! 😊
Amin AbdallaAmin Abdalla
23:15 26 Jul 23
Jay is the best! He really really really cares. Every question answered. Answered every text and made sure you know you can reach out anytime. He makes you feel comfortable in the process. He really goes above and beyond for his clients. His SMP work is the best I've seen. The Ottawa area is lucky to have him.
this was a world class experience. I'm lucky to have found someone so passionate about what they do, the work shows.If you're getting SMP go with someone who takes pride in their work. Jay goes above and beyond to make sure the quality he delivers is top notch. Definitely recommend.
Abe BAbe B
20:00 18 May 23
After googling SMP's in the region, I chose Jay because of his work that I saw on his website, plus all the great reviews.I called him, and just by speaking with him, I knew that he would've done a good job.I was not at all disappointed. He explained everything and did not pressure me. He's very professional and takes a great deal of pride in his work. Jay is also very easy to talk to and makes you feel very comfortable.I ended up getting the natural fade look, and to tell you the truth, I was blown away by how natural it looks.I would recommend that if you're considering getting SMP, don't let anyone else do it, but Jay.Thanks, Jay. You're awesome! 👌
Justin LuesbyJustin Luesby
16:18 08 May 23
Let me just start by saying that Jay is a true professional. His experience as a barber and complete knowledge of smp made me feel confident about my choice to work with him.I previously had smp done with another company in 2018 but wasn’t completely satisfied with the end results. With that being said, I was specific about what I wanted, and Jay was very attentive when I explained it to him. His commitment to achieving the look I wanted was felt right away during my consultation.Jay really does strive for perfection for his clients; analyzing his work before and after each session. I really appreciated him taking my input in between sessions and the follow ups/check-ins he would do with me during the process. I felt very involved in the decisions that were made as opposed to him telling me what I should do. Of course his input was welcomed but I never felt pushed into a certain direction.Jay lived up to all my expectations and needless to say that am thrilled with my results and the overall experience. No doubt I would recommend to friends & family.
Chris FrenchChris French
14:40 19 Apr 23
Jay is unreal!! I've never met someone who takes so much pride in his craft.I felt so comfortable during the entire process.He would check in on me after each session to get my feedback which shows how much he cared about my happiness.Jay's skills, dedication and professionalism make him the best in the business.Not only did Jay exceed my expectations but my wife, who was a little skeptical at first, is amazed by the results.No more balding horseshoe for this guy!Such a great experience.Thanks again Jay!
Ronny MenezesRonny Menezes
01:01 30 Mar 23
I have been looking to get SMP done for years and am truly happy with the results. Jay nailed it. Friends and family couldn't believe how natural the finished result looked. 10/10 would recommend Jay. He definitely restored my confidence.
Marta KMarta K
22:02 20 Mar 23
My boyfriend had his SMP done here and I have to admit I was a little worried at first because I had no clue what to expect. It looks amazing! So natural. You wouldn't even know the hair is tattooed on. Definitely worth the time and money. He's so much more confident and it shows. No regrets. And the service was top tier. He had nothing but incredibly nice things to say about Jay and his establishment and hospitality.
Adam HAdam H
01:44 13 Mar 23
I can confidently say that Jay is the best in the business!Very Professional, and great customer service.He is in constant contact before and after each session.He makes sure that his clients are comfortable with the procedure and takes care to detail every step.He creates a relationship of trust and you can tell he loves what he does.If you are reading this review and are not sure if you should go ahead with SMP, don't hesitate to contact Jay and you will have all the answers to your questions.This could be the way to restoration of self-confidence and a new life.
Jay is incredible! I had SMP done a long, long time ago with a different company and recently wanted things touched up. Not only were Jay's techniques infinitely better (hardly any pain), the results far exceeded my expectations. This SMP has changed my life - my outward appearance now aligns with how I feel inside. Super grateful and can't recommend these services enough!
Khalid BochorKhalid Bochor
14:14 12 Feb 23
From our initial consult Jay (Hair Solutions on Demand) made me feel comfortable and confident in my decision to move forward with the SMP procedure. My goal was to tighten my hairline because it was thinning and receding. He thoroughly explained the process and answered all of my questions, and I felt like he truly cared about my goals and concerns.Throughout the process, he constantly checked in to make sure I was happy with the results and made any necessary adjustments. It looked completely natural and matched my existing hair color perfectly.
Joseph BJoseph B
20:25 02 Dec 22
Had my SMP done with Jay and he’s truly a perfectionist and passionate about his craft. Definitely recommended for anyone thinking of getting SMP. Best decision I’ve made and couldn’t be happier!
Jeremy KingJeremy King
15:47 28 Nov 22
If you're thinking about having SMP look no further. THIS is the artist you want. From attention to detail, to guiding his clients during the healing process, Jay truly goes above and beyond to give you a natural looking hairline. You can tell after your first session that you made the right choice.
Lucas B.Lucas B.
04:56 03 Nov 22
I had a excellent SMP experience with Jay. I felt he was very professional and genuinely invested into the success of my smp. Also, He is really good at lining up my beard which I still see him on a monthly basis for.
Steve CarriereSteve Carriere
20:27 02 Nov 22
My experience with Jay was nothing less than excellent.He is thorough, professional and goes above and beyond for his clients.My SMP sessions turned out very well so far (just finished last session).100% recommended!
Sam MansourSam Mansour
15:16 22 Jun 22
Best scalp micro pigmentation artist out there. He is passionate about making people look good and have more confidence with their looks. He's a perfectionist so he will do whatever it takes to make your snp near perfect, just follow what he says for healing process. I have seen others including friends and their snp look like an amateur did theirs. So save headache of finding the best cause that's jay 💯
Rich VRich V
15:35 15 Jun 22
Great experience. Thanks for bringing my hairline and confidence back. I had been contemplating SMP for a while and I’m glad I found the right place. Very professional and cares about his work and clients. Just know that you’re in good hands with Jay with his skill and attention to detail.
Chris ShepChris Shep
12:03 25 May 22
Life changing, this is the move 💯. All my bald, balding, patchy, alopecia, etc boys go see the homie fresh and leave fresher. #investinyourself #nomore🧢
John KutziubasJohn Kutziubas
23:55 24 May 22
Best decision I’ve ever made in my life. Thank you so much Jay!!!
bestoon hassanbestoon hassan
05:25 04 Feb 22
Just over a year ago i got hair transplant overseas and man was it the biggest mistake. I felt so much less confident than before i got the transplant, imagine that! When i came across “HSOD” and seeing all the successful SMP or Hair Tatoo clients , I thought i give it a shot thinking how much worse can it get, especially when the clients were proof of Jays work ,and man was it such a great decision, I’ve seen other SMP technicians out there but nothing comes close to HSOD because Jay isnt a technician, he is a true artist and a perfectionist. You will not regret it, your confidence will be back and will be sooo happy.

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