• “The Fresher Method gives you options.”  The Fresher Method was created to provide solutions to the problems we had with the industry. Flat rate pricing, a truly individualized approach, and a 5 year warranty deliver the experience you deserve, but never knew existed. Whether you need us for scarring, a hairline, complete SMP or anything in between, we have the tools, techniques, and understanding to make you feel like yourself again.


“Natural to me means undetectable, it means nobody can tell you’ve had it done.” A natural result is one that looks like it belongs. With 20+ years of barbering experience, we know exactly how a head of hair should look. We’ve applied this experience to perform SMP that incorporates existing hair, is compatible with the continued growth of that hair, and accounts for areas where future balding may occur to create a natural look that lasts, even as you age. Lastly, our proprietary approach to color matching is the difference between good, and natural. 


“The beauty of this service is in the detail.” With Fresher Studios, every step of the process is part of a plan. We approach each session with a purpose, and every detail matters. From the initial consultation onward, we collect the information, images, measurements, and feedback required to create your perfect look. Each session creates a different layer, and this step by step approach allows us to finely tune different aspects of your treatment to achieve the incredible level of detail we’re known for.


  • “My art allows me to blend mistakes and overcome the work that others have done.” Fresher Studios goes far beyond corrections; we want to restore your faith in the service. We understand you’ve already made an investment, and didn’t get the results you were hoping for. We deliver the same attention to detail and natural results to clients in need of corrections, but we also include the support, care, and genuine partnership that you’ve been missing.


The most important part of the process happens at home.”  While most providers have commercialized the aftercare process, we have chosen a different direction. A proper recovery is necessary in achieving your perfect look, so we send you home with skincare products that meet your specific needs at no extra cost. We’ve spent the last 10+ years developing high quality aftercare products for our clients unique skin, and honed our formulas for the specific recovery demands of SMP.

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